VERONICA, DAUGHTER could be considered an offering to the gods of love.  The words within form a series of acute and sensuous passages concerning love and its many forms, as well as feelings of nostalgia, despair, awe, memory, curiosity, and American desire.  In the words, there is a religious sort of esteem for the infinite variety of human emotion; a fervor for the mysteries found between people, and within them.  An array of writing styles is on display here, from songs to free verse to stream-of-consciousness prose, all in an attempt to best evoke the sensations on display. The voice may be unique, but the feelings are the kind that each person can know, past and present.  Read it to reflect.  Read it to think.  Read it to feel something.

Past Readings

  • Stella's Bar & Restaurant (25 Mar. 2015) [Solo]
  • Buffalo Street Books (1 Mar. 2015) [Solo]
  • Argos Inn (21 Feb. 2015) [Solo]
  • Argos Inn (25 Jan. 2015) [Solo]