Robert S. Hummel is an artist working across a variety of media, and is presently based in Ithaca, NY.

He has written, produced, and directed several short films, including seven at the Roy H. Park School of Communications. His short film Endland was selected for the 2016 Best of Park program. His short screenplay Reckoning was a finalist for the 2015 David Ames Film Award: that script later became the short film Cold Was The Ground.

Veronica, Daughter, a collection of prose and poetry, was published by AuthorHouse in May 2014. He served as the Prose & Cons Editor of Buzzsaw Magazine, Lead Poetry Editor of Stillwater Magazine, and Vice President/Staff Writer for Filmic Magazine.

Other works include 35mm and digital still photography, as well as contemporary film and music criticism. A short stage play, Noble of Munday, premiered at the Dillingham Center of Ithaca College in May 2015 and was performed at Ithaca's Kitchen Theatre in April 2016. He directed Born for This, a short play by Nathaniel Hileman, in December 2015.

He has studied cinema production under acclaimed filmmaker Joshua Bonnetta and Guggenheim fellow Cathy Lee Crane, as well as industry professionals Brad Rappa, Andrew T. Watts, and Changhee Chun; still photography under celebrated artist Janice Levy; scriptwriting under AMPAS Nicholl Fellow Will Chandler, screenwriting under produced scribes Jack Bryant and Elisabeth Nonas; and playwriting under award-winning writer Saviana Stanescu Condeescu and performer, writer, teacher and composer Colette Silvestri.